A Likely Lass

probably nothing of consequence

Who is this Mel person?

Female. Late twenties. 1 cat, 1 husband, 2 dogs. Nearly insatiable book habit. In disguise as an accountant, currently. Likes steak rare, whiskey with tonic, and silverware shiny. Collects antiques, pens, odd bits of papercraft, and rocks. Makes excellent roast chicken. Thinks occasional yelling is good for the lungs. Oppressively optimistic.

A+ reviews from friends and family!

“Unfortunately so independent no man will want her.” -Grandmother

“She’s a great friend if you can get past the obsession with shiny objects and the tendency to scribble in notebooks while glancing furtively about.” -Jason S.

“A good skiier but can’t play tennis to save her life.” -Laura P.

“Completely charming, if you think rabid eagles with machine guns are charming.” -Jim M.

“She’s obsessed with Vladimir Putin! I can’t believe it. It must have been when she went to live in Canada, we sent her there a proper American and they did something Communist to her. I’ll never trust a Canadian again. They’re an evil that never sleeps.” -Auntie Cee.

“FOUR STARS if you need someone to entertain your boyfriend for two hours by talking World of Warcraft. Just remain within earshot and make sure she doesn’t start talking about what a great guild she has.” -Michelle H.

“She’s nice and kind and sweetly funny and the only reason I’m writing this is because I’m terribly, terribly afraid.” -Lisa V.


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