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How to dramatically change Congress within a decade (or so)

1. Don’t vote for an incumbent, ever. No matter how good they are, how virtuous, don’t vote for them because they have contributed to Congressional deadlock. If they haven’t solved any problems or come up with brilliant plans to make things work or tried to get bipartisan support for their measures, they don’t deserve to be there.

Yeah, you may have to cross party lines. You may have to vote for someone you don’t 100% agree with, but ask yourself: what is more important? Maintaining the status quo, or making your voice heard?

Yeah, that’s YOUR voice. Yours. No one else’s, yours. Forget electoral college and “my vote doesn’t count.” If enough people stand up and use THEIR VOTE to vote in people that AREN’T INCUMBENTS, things are going to change in Washington. Your vote DOES count.

2. Vote. Vote at every opportunity you have. Find out who’s going to be voted for – not just Senate or House or President, but Sheriff and Councilwoman. Find out where your local elections are and GO TO THEM. Participate. If you don’t vote, you have no voice.

Research the person you are voting for. Find out if they’ve attended the meetings they say they were a member of. Find out where they stand on the issues that are important to you. If all else fails, show up and ask questions.

Yeah, it might be bridge night with the girls or bowling night with the boys, but this is important because these people – your councilpeople, your sheriffs, your politicians in your town – that mostly make up the next Congress. They make the tiny decisions that influence the larger decisions that influence even larger decisions that eventually go statewide and nationwide.

That’s it.

Do you believe in term limits? Then vote and enforce term limits because you know Congress isn’t going to do it. Do you believe that things need to change? Then vote, tell people who you’re voting for and why. Do you think Congress needs to do something instead of sitting on their duff and refusing to cooperate? Use your vote.

Use the best weapon you have, the one that’s been handed down to you by our venerable founding fathers, the one men died to give you: your vote.


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