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Stephen and the Vest

We were watching Paul Martin’s speech at the Parliamentary Press Gallery dinner, and he (PM) will speak a few sentences, or an idea in English first, then say it again in French. Smart guy, that. But this had us rolling: 

As some of you may know, last year an election took place up here, and Paul Martin was the ‘incumbent’ basically, and Stephen Harper was a ‘challenger’, also head of the Conservative party in Canada, and one of the most vicious advocates of banning gay marriage in this country. While on the campaign trail, Stephen Harper wore a leather vest at one event or another, and the photo of this was widely circulated. Paul Martin poked some fun at him for this [link]:

Martin said he used the same hotel room Harper did just after the Tory leader vacated it, noting Harper forgot something that he’d been meaning to give back.

Martin then held up a little leather cowboy vest.

“Now, let me just say that Stephen took a lot of flack for that cowboy get-up. But frankly, I was offended by the way you all got on his case,” he told the crowd.

“You seem to have forgotten that what’s great for Canada is that each of us in our own way can decide how we’ll show our support for gay pride.”


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