A Likely Lass

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Best exchange ever (Bad Romance Novel Reviews)

I nominate this to be the best exchange I have ever read in a historical romance novel. 

(At the conclusion of the novel, in which Sigimor tells his wife, Jolene, (finally!) that he loves her, every last inch of her, as they’re about to have a love scene):
“I intended to hint ye down all the way to the gates of Drumwich if need be, to get back what ye stole from me,” Sigimor said, kissing her breasts.
Jolene struggled to speak clearly. “I stole nothing from you.”
“Aye, ye did…” (cups her breasts) “Ye took these pale beauties from me, walked away with these sweet rosy nipples that give me so much pleasure.”
“I am very sorry I could not leave them on the pillow for you to enjoy at your leisure,” Jolene replied.


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